What Coachella NFTs Say About the Future of Music

Author: Jimmy Dendrinos
Date: February 3, 2022

NFTs have officially gone mainstream in the music industry. While we have yet to see mass adoption when it comes to music distribution; artists, record labels, and music festivals are continuing to enter the NFT space. Everyone wants in, and the possibilities and implementations currently being developed are fascinating. Just two days ago, Coachella announced that they are jumping headfirst into the NFT game.

Coachella is launching their own NFT marketplace designed by FTX US. Coachella has three distinct initial offerings. An affordable 10,000-piece photo collection where the NFT owner can claim a physical print. A mid-tier 1,000-piece collection of Coachella inspired artwork. And the final, 10-piece Coachella Keys Collection – granting their owners lifetime access to the Coachella Music Festival.   

The 10 NFTs that are a part of the Coachella Keys Collection will be auctioned off starting February 4th. Buyers should be aware; they only get access to a single weekend per year. Personally, I believe they should get access to both weekends as there is no better feeling than heading back to Coachella for weekend 2.

I’ve taken over 4,000 photographs at Coachella yet this is the only one I feel comfortable posting here… Please don’t sue. (Full Gallery)

While Coachella has the necessary resources to develop their own NFT marketplace and unique drops, not every artist or event will have the technical knowledge, skills, or time to build their own NFT platform. At NFT Concerts, we are developing a platform where musicians of all genres and audience sizes can take their concert recordings and release them using NFTs. Generate a unique NFT that grants your fans access to exclusive full-length content.  If you’re an artist or content owner looking to transform live performances into digital collectibles, please fill out our Artist Application.  

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