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How Should I Price My NFT Release?

Here at NFT Concerts, we have been studying the financial success of various music NFTs. We have determined a simple formula which we believe artists should use to price their initial NFT release. Feel free to try out our NFT price calculator and see how it compares to your real-world examples.

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What is a Concert NFT?

While there have been a couple of NFT projects announced dealing with concert tickets, and even Don Diablo’s one-off virtual show, here at NFT Concerts we have developed a method to monetize live concert recordings though exclusivity. Only the owners may access and stream the show.

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Can I Make My Music Into NFTs

Can I Make My Music Into NFTs?

With the recent NFT gold rush, many musicians find themselves wondering, “Can I turn my music into NFTs?” Check out the current options available to musicians and artist looking to create NFT music and learn about the future of digital music memorabilia.

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Concert Bootlegs

The Past, Present, and Future of Concert Bootlegs

Concert bootlegs, or unofficial live music recordings have a long and storied history in the music world. With the rise of the internet, the bootleg industry has fractured. YouTube has devalued the cost of a live performance. Can we use NFT’s to legitimize and monetize official bootlegs?

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