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NFT Concerts is Been Building Something Special

And we need your help! We are pleased to announce plans for a closed beta launching September 1st. As a new NFT Platform, we believe the best way to source beta users was through the release of NFTs. Be sure to get in early as members of the NFT Concerts Production Team will receive lifetime VIP treatment. 

Production team

Polygon ERC-1155 NFT

Price: .005 ETH (WETH)

Max QTY: 5,000

Closed Beta Access

Lifetime VIP Perks

Get in early and enjoy VIP Access
to the NFT Concerts Platform.

Want To Be More involved?

Become one of our Production Team Leads. Enjoy direct access to the NFT Concerts team. Secure your role as a Production Lead and help build the future of live music. 

Production Lead

Polygon ERC-1155 NFT

Price: .5 ETH (WETH)

Max QTY: 55

Closed Beta Access

Lifetime Backstage Access Perks


Determine the future of NFT Concerts
with this leadership role.

The future of music memorabilia 

The goal at NFT Concerts is simple – turn live concert recordings into digital collectibles using NFTs. NFT Concerts is a platform dedicated to live music. While traditional content release strategies rely on ad-revenue or monthly subscriptions, we use NFTs to bring back the “buy once – stream unlimited times” model that we were all used to with physical media. 

The way we do this is simple. Instead of making a concert recording public, we keep it private and issue a set of NFTs that will unlock access to that concert recording. Our platform will enable artist of all sizes to quickly and easily turn their performances into NFT Concerts. We have goals of turning at least 1,000,00 music fans into web3 users by luring them with exclusive content they can’t see anywhere else. 

If you can’t wait to Own the Show, join our Production Team and be sure to sign up to our mailing list in the footer below. 


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