NFTs Explode While Concerts and Music Festivals Make a Comeback

Author: Jimmy Dendrinos
Date: August 5, 2021

July has been an amazing month for both live music and NFTs. Record sales of non-fungible tokens continue to show that the NFT market is here to stay. Digital art is the future, and consumers are quickly snapping up a wide variety of NFT collectibles. While NFTs continue to thrive, live music is making a comeback across the nation.


July marked the official return of major music festivals across the country. From Rolling Loud in Miami to Hard Summer in San Bernardino, to Lollapalooza in Chicago, music fans across the nation danced together again. While there was a minor structural issue in Miami that I had the displeasure of personally witnessing, all events have been successful. Fans were overjoyed and clearly displayed the desire to return to normal.


However, it hasn’t been all good news. The recent surge in Delta Variant Covid Cases has already begun to effect scheduled live events. Jambalaya Festival has reacted to Louisiana’s surge in cases by officially cancelling the festival. Many event organizers are extremely concerned about the shifting case numbers and expected government reaction.


With the constantly shifting pandemic forcing live events to react to changing rules and regulations, it is essential to make the shows that do happen, count. I encourage all artists to record every live show they can play.


NFT Concerts is building a platform that allows artists of all sizes to turn their live show recordings quickly and easily into collectible digital assets. By using NFTs to gate access to encrypted digital content, NFT Concerts can offer content protection and exclusivity while allowing fans ownership over a tangible digital asset. With concerts in jeopardy, having access to an exclusive recording can allow music fans to enjoy a live music without having to join the crowd.


Artists, turn your live show recordings into the next big NFT. Music fans, invest in an NFT Concert from your favorite artist. Join our mailing list to get notified of our official launch.


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