Unlockable NFTs and Music – A Revolution in Distribution

Author: Jimmy Dendrinos
Date: May 14, 2021

As non-fungible tokens continue to gain traction in the digital art world, musicians and bands are currently exploring how best to utilize NFT technology. Artists are attempting to bring an offering of value to their fanbase as quickly as possible. Currently, musicians with followings are teaming up with digital artists to release NFT’s that follow the standard model of a short digital animated clip with a soundtrack by the musician. While these NFT’s are selling, they tend to offer little benefit to the owner beyond bragging rights.


Forward thinking artists are exploring projects that add additional value to NFT’s. The Slovenian dance music producer UMEK just released an NFT project in collaboration with Vibrate offering the winner a private live performance. This auction proved to be a success, selling for the equivalent of $10,000 through the marketplace BlockParty.


Zhu just announced their plans to build an NFT-based community, offering a limited run of NFT’s to attendees of the Red Rocks concerts. This project, title “DREAMROCKS” is another great idea to add additional value to an NFT release.


However, the missing piece so far is exclusive digital content. While OpenSea allows for unlockable content, that content is limited to a text input. You can put a link to a file, but you cannot protect it. Our platform, NFT Concerts is proud to be among the first companies to allow artist to protect their digital files using NFT’s. Only the owner(s) of the NFT Concert will be able to access and stream the show on demand. Owners may sell the token, but upon sale they will no longer have access. We use the NFT to unlock an encrypted file, a true revolution in digital rights management.


Offering the same content protection as Amazon, Spotify, or any other big platform for a fraction of the cost, we aim to allow artists to monetize their live show recordings as simply as possible while protecting them from unauthorized access. Our simple uploader interface allows you to upload and list a past show, or schedule an NFT release for a future show. Artists, apply today to turn your next live show into a digital collectible. Fans, sign up to our mailing list to be notified of our first round of shows.


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