Live Music is Back! Is This the End of Streaming Shows…?

Author: Jimmy Dendrinos
Date: May 31, 2021

Music is back! As live in-person events return across the nation, music fans and party goers are quickly running back to the dance floor. While attendees are happy to interact with fellow humans, industry professionals are feeling relief as many of them have spent the last year attempting to survive with their profession shut down.


While many artists turned to live streams during the pandemic, with in-person events returning the focus on a digital experience has been put to the wayside. There is a tremendous push to return to the pre-pandemic status quo. While we all want festivals and shows to be back in force, many are forgetting the valuable lessons learned by streaming shows.


There are serious benefits to offering a digital show experience, even when the event takes place in the real world. Due to geographic distance, financial constraints, and even real-world disabilities, many music fans find themselves unable to attend live shows. By recording and releasing shows as digital collectibles, Artists can offer that ‘Live’ experience to their full fanbase.


Additionally, by recording the show officially artists will preserve a piece of music history. When it comes to live music, there is no faking the funk. True music fans know that one live show will always be different from another live show, even if the set lists are the same. Hopefully, by offering an official recording artists will be able to cut down on the percentage of fans who spend 100% of the show holding a phone above their head attempting to capture crappy iPhone video.


There is tremendous value in a live show recording that is not currently realized. Traditional distribution methods for digital audio and video files are not optimized to extract the most value from a concert recording. Recordings have a high value for a small amount of people and attempting to release them through traditional methods such as album sales or commemorative DVD’s is generally a losing proposition.


NFT Concerts attempts to remedy this problem by turning your live concert recording into an exclusive digital collectible. By using NFT’s to gate access to the show recording, artists will be able to release a digital file to a limited audience. Our platform allows artists to determine the number of issues for a concert, whether that be 1 or 10,000 issues per show. Each issue owner will have the ability to stream the show. By using non-fungible tokens, everyone will know the exclusivity of the show and be able to verify ownership, as well as offer their token for resale. Sell the NFT Concert, lose access to the show recording.


We believe this distribution method will be used with all types of digital files, but we plan to prove this method first using full length show recordings. Built out of a love of live music, NFT Concerts wants to encourage artists to record their shows. Ideally, artists will be able to generate a new revenue stream from their current content. Live shows only happen once, and you never know when that magic moment might appear on stage. Record and release your next show via NFT Concerts.


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