Musicians, Turn Your Live Concerts into Collectible NFT Art

Author: Jimmy Dendrinos
Date: May 4, 2021

NFT’s are currently exploding in popularity. Artists from around the world are quickly recognizing the potential of non-fungible tokens to monetize previously difficult mediums. Currently this crypto art gold-rush is creating a rapid explosion of artists appearing on the scene.  Tens of thousands of NFT collectibles are appearing on marketplaces across the web.

The industry standard is a publicly viewable digital art piece with ownership being auctioned off in the form of NFT’s. 3D Animations and collectible sets do quite well. While this model has established non-fungible token technology, it is not geared toward musicians. Facing a requirement to produce visual art, musicians are struggling to fully unlock the potential of NFT’s. In fact, OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace requires a visual component to an NFT to list on their marketplace. This barrier has caused multiple musicians to form partnerships with digital artists, releasing collaborative digital art that is on brand with both artists.

While collaboration is great, at NFT Concerts we believe musicians deserve a platform designed for them. While there are many blockchain music projects, few are aimed at live music. Stop allowing bootleggers to profit off your live shows. Our platform allows artists to create exclusive digital collectibles simply and easily with their live show recordings.

Musicians, takes the guesswork out of NFT’s and turn your live music into a true digital collectible. Preserve music history, record the show, and release a NFT Concert. All NFT Concerts are fully secure and private. Only the owners of the NFT Concert will be able to stream the show. Our revolutionary distribution network ensures your show recordings are only viewable by the owners. Relying on the same encryption standards as Amazon or a Spotify, we offer digital data protection for a fraction of the FAANG fees. At NFT Concerts, we strive to offer musicians an additional revenue stream. If you’re an interested Artist, fill out our Artist Application. If you’re a fan and find NFT Concert, sign up for our mailing list! We will be sure to notify you when we launch to the public.


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