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NFT Ticketing for Concerts & Events

NFT tickets for Concerts and Events are about to explode. Discover the potential of using a NFT ticket for your next concert or live event. A NFT ticket can provide a lifetime of value for both fans and artists.

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NFTs Are Here to Stay

It may just be me, but I’m seeing an unfortunate amount of talk during this crypto cooldown about the “death of NFTs.” It appears there is a prevailing sentiment in the general population that NFTs are just another fad. This could not be further from the truth.

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Music Festivals & NFTs in 2022

Event management should look at NFTs as the perfect souvenir. They can generate additional revenue and form an online community at the same time. As an event, the last thing you want is for your event to be forgotten. An active community of NFT holders hyping up your event all year round is a dream for any promoter.

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NFTs are Coming to a Live Event Near You

While there are NFT centered professional conferences such as NFT NYC and NFT LA, a better indicator of public adoption is the increasing number of concerts, music festivals, and sporting events releasing NFT collectibles.

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What Coachella NFTs Say About the Future of Music

Coachella Music Festival is officially joining the NFT community. Capped off by their most exclusive offering – The Coachella Keys Collection – 10 NFTs that grant their owners lifetime access to the Coachella Music Festival. With Coachella launching NFTs, it’s a good day to be in the NFT Concert business.

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NFTs Are Not Just Pictures

Over the past year NFT profile pictures have exploded in popularity. From musicians, athletes, movie stars, and even your next door neighbor – it seems like everyone is rocking an NFT. But is this the best use case for NFT technology. When you start looking at NFTs as the certificate of authenticity, your perception will change.

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5 Music NFT Companies Set to Explode in 2022

With the crypto market crashing and exceptional volatility in both coins and NFTs, investors may be considering safer options. While there is no telling where any individual NFT will head, there is no doubt that NFTs will continue to be created, issued, and sold for the foreseeable future. Consider betting on a NFT company instead of an NFT.

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