10 Reasons to Turn Your Next Performance into a NFT Concert

Author: Jimmy Dendrinos
Date: March 9, 2022

At NFT Concerts, our goal is simple – transform live performances into digital collectibles using NFTs. Our platform will offer full length concert recordings unlocked by non-fungible tokens. But why would you want to do this?

  1. Save the Music – By recording the concert, you are capturing a piece of music history. Music is constantly evolving, and every live show is unique. Record every show as you never know what may happen.

  1. Grow Your Available Content – As an artist in the digital era, constant content creation is essentially a requirement. Take the difficulty out of creating new content by releasing your concert recordings. Grow your online presence and give fans more opportunities to enjoy your art at the same time.

  1. Get Attention – NFTs are still new and unique. Take advantage of the hype by tapping into NFT market early. By creating a NFT Concert, you may find yourself generating headlines around the world.

  1. Generate Additional Revenue from Your Performance – Take advantage of an existing performance obligation and generate existing revenue by offering that performance recording to your global fanbase in the form of a NFT Concert.

  1. Add a Resale Fee to Generate Revenue Indefinitely – Because we use NFTs to gate access to content, Artists can now set a resale fee. Generate revenue indefinitely as your fans continue to buy and sell your existing NFTs. This is a particularly amazing feature for artists early in their career who release a NFT Concert and then blow up.

  1. Fans Do Not Have to Rely on Their Phones to Capture the Moment – We’ve all been stuck behind that guy that will not put his phone down at the show. Let fans know the show is already being recorded to just enjoy the moment. There is a demand for concert recordings. Fulfill that demand with high quality official recordings instead of unstable cell phone footage.

  1. It’s Hard to Write Songs but Fun to Play Shows – New music is essential for an artist to grow, but it is extremely difficult and time consuming to create. Bridge the income gaps between album releases by releasing your live performances as NFT Concerts.

  1. Every Performance is Unique – I’ve seen the same artist play the same set at two different shows, and each experience was vastly different. There is no such thing as the same live show. Not to mention, there may be personal moments felt by your fans at a particular show. A fan falling in love or overcoming grief may make a particular live set priceless to that individual. Release all your show recordings as you never know what that set means to someone else.

  1. As the Artist, You Have Full Control Over the Quantity and Price Point. Offer 1 Token or 10,000 – At NFT Concerts, we enable artists to monetize their live sets through exclusivity. However, we let the artist decide exactly how exclusive they would like to make their content. Release a single token for an expensive price or put out thousands for cheap. It’s up to the artist and each show can be different.

  1. Maintain 100% of Your Music Rights – A NFT Concert is the perfect NFT offering for a musician looking to tap into the NFT world but maintain 100% of their music rights. There are several companies working on selling your music rights via NFTs, but unless you are at the peak of your career selling your music rights is a mistake. While sell today if it will be worth more tomorrow? Keep ownership over your music while still offering fans a valuable digital collectible by releasing a NFT Concert.

While this list stops at 10, there are plenty of additional benefits to releasing a NFT Concert. If you’re an artist, we want you to release your performances as NFT Concerts. Any and all artists are welcome. Be sure to fill out our Artist Application as we are currently looking to fill out our lineup for our initial launch. NFT Concerts will be a platform open to all.

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