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Full Length Concert Recordings
Unlocked by Non-Fungible Tokens

Transform Your Live Concert Into a Digital Collectible 

NFT Concerts is the first NFT platform designed exclusively for live music. By using NFTs as the key to unlock encrypted content, only the owners of the NFT Concert will be able to watch the show. Our unique NFT  implementation enables artists to monetize their live concert recordings by ensuring exclusivity. Recall the bootleg days of old – there are only so many copies of a single show. Control access to your show recording by issuing a unique set of NFTs. Get in touch with our team today to plan your first NFT Concert release!


Full Length Concert Recording

Concert Information

Non-Fungible Token


Secret Content
Video/Picture Package

Custom Show Artwork
Message from the Artist(s)
Social Media Package

Artists are in Control

Custom Quantity

Make your content as exclusive or accessible as you want. Release the right quantity at the right price for your fans. 

Generate Recurring revenue

Set up to a 10% resale fee to generate recurring revenue. Artists get paid on every transaction of their content.

Optional Secret Content

Attach additional secret content only viewable by the owners of the NFT Concert, adding additional value for fans. 

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NFT Concerts – Own the Show

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the future of music memorabilia 

Own the Show! Invest in the future of music. Enjoy high quality concert recordings direct from your favorite artists. Purchase a unique digital asset tied to a real world event. Support your favorite musicians and get access to never before seen concert footage. Every NFT Concert unlocks a full show recording in audio or video format, and many NFT Concerts offer exclusive secret content in addition to the full show recording. 





NFT Concerts utilizes NFT technology to create a marketplace for the next generation of NFT music memorabilia. Each NFT Concert contains public information on the show, the artist, the venue, the date, etc. Included is a table of contents for the encrypted secret files. Additionally, public promo content such as a sample of the recording or a thumbnail can be attached to the NFT Concert. Artists are encouraged to add additional secret content to each show, but it is not required.   

Niche Product, Large Market

The only NFT marketplace offering fans ownership and access to their favorite concert recordings. 

The Future of DRM

Our unique NFT implementation is proving the future of digital rights management (DRM). 

Content Value Creation

By monetizing concert recordings, artist are able to generate additional revenue from their live shows. 

For the Small Shows

For the Big Shows

A Unique Opportunity 

We are currently looking for:


Are you a blockchain master? Are you just getting started with cryptography? Either way, we may have a position for you. Include the phrase ‘codekey’ in your email subject. We like our developers to have an eye for details.


Are you a talented creative interested in NFT Concerts. Do you want to work with artists to promote NFT sales of exclusive NFT Concerts.  Send us an email with a link to your portfolio. All digital content creators are welcome.  

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Live show recordings direct from artists

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A non-fungible token (NFT) is an individual token existing on a blockchain. A NFT token is unique from other crypto coins in that one token cannot be exchanged for another. Each token is unique and identifiable, and as result can be owned and traded in the future. When a token is attached to a digital artwork, it can function as a verifiable certificate of authenticity, allowing for provable ownership and enabling a competitive resale market. 

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Yes, if you are an artist, you own the rights to a concert, or you previously purchased an NFT Concert through our storefront you can list it directly through our storefront by opening a seller account. All NFT Concerts are ERC1155 compliant and can be resold on other NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea. 

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